Hugh and Kailee Rainey have specialized in distressed property sales for most of the last decade. In 2008 they started building a team that could effectively negotiate short sales. In 2011, they began working with bankruptcy trustees in cases where over-mortgaged properties were being surrendered. They have been instrumental in educating lien-holders about the legal right of trustees to act as the seller on a short sale.

Today, Case By Case Short Sale Consultants has a team of over 20; asset managers, negotiators and support staff, in addition to local partners in our major market areas. We are proud to deliver prompt, professional and unparalleled service to bankruptcy trustees.

Kai Rainey co-founder

Kailee's favorite thing outside of work is CrossFit. She loves researching the science behind physical exercise and slowly becoming stronger through hard work every day. She applies a similar philosophy to her job.

What have you done in the past?

House cleaning- I started doing that when I was seventeen. I worked as a courtesy clerk for Safeway. I was manager of a children's clothing store, the youngest manager they'd ever had. The last fifteen years I've been involved in real estate. Before that I helped manage my husband's construction company. That's the highlights. I was also a wedding planner. Basically, whatever I had to do to not work for someone else.

I know you love CrossFit. Any additional pastimes?

White water rafting. I'm actually a guide, but it's been like 20 years since I was certified. I love to read. I love spending time with my family. My favorite thing is when we have all six kids together. I like to cook. I like to eat, which is why I have to do so much CrossFit. And, finally, I like to travel.

What sort of travel adventures have you had?

Besides Belize, my second favorite trip was the first weekend my husband and I spent rafting on the Thompson River. That was before we were married. It was a great adventure, and we found out we work really well together.

Hugh Rainey Co-Founder

Hugh worked as a brick mason for 20 years before transitioning into real estate. He shows me the cracks and calluses on his hands. Before that, his job history involved a handful of various talents. 'I did donut frying. I made the best donuts ever,' he grins.

You have an eclectic set of interests, right?

I have an interest in programming. Computer programming. I have a real interest in photography- I mostly like taking pictures of landscapes and of my children. I sort of like cooking but I just don't do it very much. Travelling. I love to travel.

What's the best trip you've taken?

My favorite trip was Belize. Belize was awesome. It was fun to go see how a different culture lives- even though it was a bit scary at times, it was neat to show my kids how different people live. It was also kind of an eye opener for me.

Do you ever have miscommunications with debtors from different cultures?

I had this one file where it wasn't actually a bankruptcy short sale but a straight short sale. The debtor- the people were selling their home. The seller, they were from Malawi. They had moved here and they got themselves into some crazy debt. Most of it was from putting their kids through college. They didn't realize they had to pay for it, because in Malawi, their college was paid for. It was difficult because he didn't speak very much English. We get stuff like that semi-often.

Paula Wilson Negotiator

Likes: long talks with lienholders, collating papers, and examining documents for missing figures. 'Oh, the thrill!' she laughs. Dislikes: trying to remove squatters from vacant homes, people who are unreasonable over email. Welcome to the life of a negotiator.

Where did you grow up?

Florida and Washington State. I moved when I was seven.

What sort of jobs have you worked before?

They all involved hammers. Let's see, I've worked in hardware stores. I was one of the very first delivery people for the For Rent magazine when Craig and Adrian started that up in a garage. It went from this recycled paper flyer to this glossy catalogue that they would put out every month. It was a big deal. I think I still see it when I go through the supermarket.

Any hobbies?

I guess I still like gardening. Travel. I've been to Europe. Spain, Morocco. I went to Belize. And Guatemala, even if only for two days. I do love snorkeling. I'm very excited for my next trip- I'm taking my daughter to Hawaii.

Danno Wilson Negotiator

A former line cook, loan officer and licensed insurance agent- and trust me, the list goes on- Danno spent most of ten minutes recalling his career history to me in the tidy, comfortably furnished cubicle where he spends his work hours. He elaborates on my questions with a sort of eager, reminiscent fire in his eyes.

Where did you grow up?

Richland, Washington, but we moved to the Puget Sound area when I was fourteen. Basically I grew up around the sound.

Any significant hobbies or interests?

I like historical research, I guess. Researching medicine. I don't know if those are really hobbies.

The hardest lesson you've learned in this job?

Always assume it will succeed, because then your presence in the equation with a positive assumption can change the outcome. And conversely, if your presence in the equation is negative, people may assume you're correct. You're going to affect the outcome negatively. If you're sure you're going to trip and fall, you will. Success and failure are determined by your attitude.

Ryan Weeks Team Manager

Ryan tries to convince me that he's 'pretty boring.' Born and raised in a small community, he likes the close-knit vibe of the office. 'My favorite thing about this job is the people I get to work with. Good people, good families. Enjoyable to be around. I just love them all.'

So, you grew up in a small town?

Tonasket, Washington. Well, Omak too. But that's pretty much one and the same as far as I'm concerned. My dad and I had the same kindergarten teacher. She was old. She taught right up until I was graduating.

What do you like to do with your family?

The kids like to play board games, they like to be outside, they like to go to the park. They like to play basketball. I suck at basketball. I like to hang out with them and go places. Outside of work we're always together as a family. We're always doing stuff together.

What kind of lessons have you taken away from this job?

I've learned that you really can't count on these deals going the way you think that they might. There's always some curveball, or something that winds up happening that you have to figure your way through it. Every deal is different. Zero guarantees.

Dakota Bridges Asset Manager

In spite of his position as one of the youngest team members, Dakota exudes confidence and charisma. His first passion is connecting with people. He also likes video games, even though he assures me, 'I haven't played video games in, like, two weeks.'

Is this the job you expected to have at 21?

Honestly, no. I thought by the time I was 21 I was going to be a firefighter paramedic. My parents worked in real estate pretty much my entire life. So I guess I grew up with it. I still have an interest in the medical field.

Favorite thing about your job?

I like, basically, figuring out what we need to do to make sure everyone is happy. I like interacting with people. Also, I get my weekends off.

What do you do in your down time?

I don't want to sound like a teenager, but I like the occasional video game session.

Sky Bridges Asset Manager

The first thing I notice is Seahawks flags- three of them pinned up on the wall over his desk. Then I'm introduced to his pet fish- Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch. It goes without saying- Sky's favorite season goes from September to Super Bowl.

Tell me about your love for football.

My love for it started in high school, going to the friday night games. In my junior year, the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl. Even though they lost, that's when my passion for football started. I've been following them since then. I've bought a new jersey almost every year- always number 51; I loved Lofa Tatupu. Now I'm in with the Tucson Seahawkers. They dubbed me Captain 12, because I always wear a cape to games.

Do you have any other passions?

I like to go beer tasting, and learning how beers are made.

What's your favorite thing about your job?

I like learning new things about it. And I like finding solutions to new situations that come up.

Levi Bridges Negotiator

Forever wearing some variation of the button-down checked shirt, Levi divides his time between his dog, Chewy, and 'mastering the art of mundane activities.' He self describes as 'a giant nerd.'

What does your job history look like?

My very first job was an office assistant for Take Us Home Real Estate. And then my first job that wasn't for the family was Starbucks coffee. I was a baristo, which is not a real word I later discovered. Right after high school I was a materials handler for a commercial electrical company. After that I worked for a company that repaired and restored leather in high end vehicles. And now I work here.

Hobbies? Interests?

I like outdoor activities. I enjoy running. I enjoy hiking. I like doing those kind of things with [my wife] Kassy.

Any funny office stories?

One time I changed Rob's keyboard so it would only type gibberish. It was funny. He messed with my computer monitors, so I went into his keyboard settings and changed the default setting for a bunch of programs. It took him like a week to get them all back in order. No one has ever touched my computers since then.

Connor Bright negotiator

Infamous for his dry humor and sarcastic remarks, Connor is another recent addition to the team. He has lived in Tucson, Arizona for his entire life.

Why do you like working here?

The people.

Do you have any activities that bring you joy?

I enjoy playing my instruments- mainly the bass and the guitar. And then I like video games of course. Reading. I play board games with my friends. That's probably it.

Do you play pranks in the office?

I would like to, but I haven't really done a whole lot of pranks. Except when Dakota was out here before he moved to his office. Levi and I used to start slowly throwing trash into his cubicle. He would turn around and be like: 'I don't remember it getting so messy.' It was pretty good.

Michael Bright Negotiator

Michael has worked as a CFO for multiple companies in the past. A self-proclaimed tech nerd, he loves investigating new devices and discovering the innovations in technology. In our offices, he enjoys learning about bankruptcy law.

So you're interested in tech?

I love playing with every new electronic device that comes out. I just love messing with them, trying to see what's new, playing around with it. Part of the reason: because I have a computer support company, people ask me stuff all the time. 'What do you think about this?' So I feel like not only is this a hobby but something that helps me converse at cocktail parties. [Laughs].

What made you want to work here?

What I was going to do, exactly, I didn't know. I wanted to work here because of the people. The people I was going to work with, they all have the right kind of values and they're trying to do things that will help people, but also help themselves, you know? We all kind of look out for each other. I made a kind of leap. It has become an awesome job.

Have you run into any problems yet?

I haven't been here super long. Probably [the biggest challenge was] the one non-bankruptcy short sale I tried to do. There was woman who was very ill and trying to sell her house, and I couldn't get it to go through with the lienholder. Sometimes they had to go to her in the hospital. I just felt so bad for this woman. I kept hoping I could get it to work out. And I was disappointed when the bank wouldn't let it happen.

Sandy Bright Escrow Assistant

Jovial, as a word, comes to mind as I remember my chat with Sandy. 'My children are the love of my life. And Michael, my husband. My family.' She told me this and smiled, indicating the pictures on her desk. 'They're my favorite thing in the world.'

What kind of jobs have you had in the past?

In my very first job, I was a transcriptionist for the Arizona court of law. I was actually seventeen when I started. The court reporters would record the proceedings and I would listen to them later and type them up. Sometimes I'd stay up late at night and get freaked out by some of the cases.

What's your favorite thing about your job?

What is my favorite thing about my job? I just love legal and title type things. I find them fascinating. I don't know if that's the right word. And I like numbers, I like working with numbers a lot. I always have. Balancing things.

And when you're not working?

I love the ocean and boogie boarding, scuba diving. And CrossFit. I really do like CrossFit.

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