Listing A Property

Currently we are licensed real estate agents in Washington and Arizona. In states where we are not licensed we partner with local agents. We train the agents we partner with on the needs of the bankruptcy estate and the needs of the Trustee. Unless otherwise instructed we'll be the liaison between you and the agent.

Once we’ve received the Courts granted order to employ, and you’ve given us the green light to proceed, we will start the process of listing the property with the local multiple listing service.

Title review is another aspect of the listing process. We carefully review title to make sure there are no clouds on record that might keep any transactions from closing. We also take special interest in other parties who have a recorded interest in the property, including non-filing spouses, ex-spouses, and any tenancy in common interests.

Depending on the multiple listing service rules and regulations any specific verbiage that you want included will be added to the listing contract, or will be required as an addendum to any purchase contract that is submitted.

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