Starting Out

First off, there is never a charge to you or the estate for any of the services we provide. We are paid fully through the commissions on the properties we successfully negotiate and close.

The process to start using our services is straight forward and painless.

All we need to get started is the last name of the debtor and a case number. Typically, the Trustees we work with simply send an email with this information. Alternatively you can call us at 520.329.4800 and speak to us in person. Once your request is in, we'll begin our due diligence on the property and let you know what potential money there is for the bankruptcy estate.

All information provided is confidential.

We understand you have busy case loads, so we try to make the process as smooth as possible on your end. We've been selling homes and negotiating short sales for Trustees since 2008. Fast forward nine years to 2017 and at over 600 cases closed and a little over $9,000,000 generated for the bankruptcy estates, we have an in-depth knowledge of the bankruptcy process. We can make sure you have what you need to bring to the court overseeing the case, as well as providing what you need for the UST.

If your not quite sure this is for you, we can send you references. Many of the Trustees we work with are glad to share their experiences working with our team. In fact we have one Trustee who's indicated that he'd gladly share how he organized his workflow so that his investment in time for each case is about three to five hours. Let us know if your interested and we'll pass along his information.

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