Evaluate a property

When you have a case with real property that the debtor is surrendering, or if it is determined during the course of the bankruptcy that they will be unable to afford to retain the property, we can immediately help you assess the benefits of selling the property. Our level of involvement at this phase varies based on the preference of the individual trustee. Some trustees prefer that we evaluate properties prior to the 341 meeting, in order to determine if additional questions need to be answered at that time. Others ask for our analysis only after the 341 has been completed and they have confirmed that the properties are being surrendered.

Once you have identified a property, you can move to the next phase by calling or emailing. We will complete a market valuation, and identify any red flags that could make the sale impossible to complete. We will also give an estimate on how long we believe it would take to close a sale on the subject property. Should you choose to continue, we will provide you with a declaration of no conflict, so that you can hire us for that case.

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