We strive to provide an efficient and transparent process for your short sales. There is never a cost to you for our services. Our commitment to consistency, use of technology and our skilled negotiation team create an unparalleled service for trustees.

  1. Documentation
    1. Monthly and annual reports with complete details for each case status
    2. All correspondence is case specific for easy record keeping
    3. Detailed property condition reports at list date.
    4. Completed sales files, hard or electronic copy.
    5. Cancelled file records, hard or electronic copy.
  2. Proficiency
    1. Declarations and documentation for objections
    2. Commitment to higher-than-required compliance for local agency rules, landlord tenant issues, state and federal regulations.
    3. Extensive staff education and continued training
  3. Professionalism
    1. Prompt and courteous service to all parties
    2. Local partners for each market area
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